HS2 contractor pledges to use net zero concrete by 2050

SCS has set short-term goals for buying 30% lower emission concrete in 2025, with this rising to 50% five years later

Construction company switches to low carbon concrete for all sites

Its concrete uses ground granulated blast-furnace slag and pulverised fly ash, which are both industrial by-products that have a much lower carbon footprint

Building an airport with green steel?

A company is refurbishing an airport in Spain with green steel – which will reduce the carbon footprint by 40%

‘Different materials could see cement emissions drop by 40%’

Cement is to blame for 7% of the world’s greenhouse gas emissions

Wales stops road projects for the climate

All major road building projects in Wales have been scrapped

How can cement cut its carbon footprint?

Which technologies are considered the answer to the industry which produces 8% of the world’s emissions?

BAM sets 2026 net zero target

It has stated it will not include offsets in its aim

Scotland seeks views on tax aimed at boosting sustainable materials in construction

It has launched a consultation to replace the UK Aggregates Levy, which is payable when newly-quarried products like sand or rock are used for commercial purposes including housebuilding, infrastructure and landscaping

First net zero cement works awaits green light

It has reached the second stage of being selected for government funding

Bill Bryson slams M&S Oxford Street building plans

There are calls for the building to be retrofitted instead of being knocked down and rebuilt