Scottish government announces £650k for salmon conservation

The funding will be used to protect wild populations and make farming more sustainable

Green digital asset MCO2 token listed on crypto platform

MCO2, which was launched by environmental platform MOSS in March 2020, is equivalent to one carbon credit

Carnaby Street’s Christmas lights illuminate the need for ocean conservation

The decorations used are made up of recycled, repurposed or reusable materials, including water-based, eco-friendly, vegan paint

Scottish landscape
Scottish conservation project aims to loch-in £1bn of investment

The money will be used to protect Scotland’s natural environment, as well as provide returns for investors

UK finances £10.6m for international conservation

A total of 52 projects will share the funding over the next three years to support and enhance biodiversity

Water waste rewards scheme makes a splash in Exeter

A new rewards scheme in Exeter aims to help residents save thousands of litres of water a week. Greenredeem’s project will offer incentives such as personal rewards and charitable donations for sustainable water usage. A group of 3,200 South West Water customers in the Stoke Hill area will be invited to join the pilot scheme – […]

Gorbachev’s green summit to be live streamed

An environmental conference run by Green Cross International is to be broadcast around the world via an online live stream. The 7th Earth Dialogues conference marks the 20th anniversary of the organisation founded by former Soviet Union leader Mikhail Gorbachev in 1993. The group was created to foster international co-operation and find solutions to shared […]

Ecuador says it’s oil fine to drill in Yasuni national park

Ecuador will reluctantly allow drilling for oil in its prized Yasuni National Park after years spent hoping it would be able to sidestep such a move. The nation threw out a worldwide appeal in 2007 for funds for a conservation plan which would leave the park’s vast oil reserves in the ground. However its President […]

EU extends protected natural areas

The EU is widening the natural areas under its environmental protection scheme. More than 18,000 km sq in countries including the UK, France, Greece and Italy are to be included in Natura 2000, the EU’s network of conservation areas designed to preserve biodiversity and safeguard ecosystems. This includes a major swathe of marine areas covering […]

CCC targets are "too weak": Friends of the Earth

If the government fails to accept today’s CO2 targets from the Committee on Climate Change, it will be playing “Russian roulette with our future”, said Friends of the Earth. The environmental group is backing the CCC’s call for a ten-fold reduction in carbon emissions from the electricity sector by 2030, but says the emission target […]