HS2 contractor pledges to use net zero concrete by 2050

SCS has set short-term goals for buying 30% lower emission concrete in 2025, with this rising to 50% five years later

Construction company switches to low carbon concrete for all sites

Its concrete uses ground granulated blast-furnace slag and pulverised fly ash, which are both industrial by-products that have a much lower carbon footprint

‘Different materials could see cement emissions drop by 40%’

Cement is to blame for 7% of the world’s greenhouse gas emissions

Titan America completes conversion to low carbon cement production

It is now producing Type IL cement, a low carbon construction material

Vattenfall pledges to buy near-zero cement

It’s looking to make 10% of its concrete low carbon by 2030

‘Making cities green havens can cap global warming’

Planting trees and de-paving can stop the rise in temperatures, scientists claim

Cement and concrete industry commit to scaling up CCUS technologies

Two organisations will collaborate and explore incentives, policy frameworks and finance solutions at a global level that can enable industrial-scale CCUS projects over the next 10 years

Construction firms pledge to buy only net zero concrete by 2050

By 2030, they aim for half their concrete to be low carbon

CEMEX to fully operate UK cement plant on alternative fuel

It is using Climafuel, a waste-derived fuel made using household residual and commercial waste that would otherwise go to landfills, at its new facility at its Rugby cement plant

Cement industry backs carbon capture start-ups

Funding is being provided to six companies, as the sector looks to hit net zero by 2050