TSMC chips in on net zero target by 2050

It has agreed to adopt renewable energy and curb the growth of its emissions in the next four years

Predicting climate change from your own home?

A new computer program has been developed to predict and give reasons for the causes of climate change

WeTransfer certified ‘climate-neutral’

The cloud-based business has become ‘one of the first’ tech companies to achieve B Corp Status

Digital technology
Are computers RAM-ming emissions into the atmosphere?

A new report shows the energy intensity of the digital sector is increasing by 4% per year

California’s computers to go green

California will soon become the first US State to introduce energy efficiency standards for computers. It is hoped energy consumption will be reduced by a third, cutting carbon emissions and saving consumers around $373 million (£300.57m) by 2027. Computers in California currently account for up to 3% of residential and 7% of commercial energy usage, reaching almost 5,610GWh of electricity each year. Desktops are four times more power-intensive […]

Apple touts green credentials of new Mac Pro

Tech firm Apple turned heads when it unveiled a sleek black new look for its Mac Pro computer – and it claims the futuristic design is “energy efficient right out of the box”. In an environmental report, it says the desktop is “extremely material efficient”, using 74% less aluminium and steel compared with the previous […]

Gazprom wants £2.4m tablet for CEO

Russian oil giant Gazprom is searching for a tablet worth up to 119.7 million rubles (£2.4m) for its chief executive. The computer device should be based on Apple’s operating system and match the way Alexey Miller’s desktop computer works, according to a tender on the firm’s Gazprom Inform website which appears to have now been […]

Power supplier backs Isle of Wight energy scheme

Energy supplier SSE is backing an energy scheme to help Isle of Wight residents cut bills and invest in sustainable community projects. The scheme is run by Ecoislands, the community energy scheme planning to make the island energy self-sufficient by 2020. For every Isle of Wight SSE customer that joins the community scheme, the power […]

Tech savvy cities will become more sustainable

Computer heavyweight Intel is set to invest $40 million (£25.5m) in a worldwide network of research centres, which includes collaborating with Imperial College and UCL in London. The global technology firm wants to improve computing solutions to enhance the sustainability of cities. Justin Rattner, Intel chief technology officer said: “In 2050, most of the nine […]

Cyber-criminals target energy companies

Global energy firms are falling victim to cyber-attacks to steal data concerning operations and financing for oil and gas field bids. The attacks have been revealed by computer security firm McAfee, which stated that over the last two years, the energy companies have faced repeated intrusions. Private emails were hacked using a system called spear […]