Hermes UK takes delivery of 70 more CNG vehicles

The consumer delivery giant is increasing its CNG fleet, making it the ‘largest of its kind in the UK parcel sector’

New trucks could make Waitrose the greenest of grocers

Waitrose has launched Europe’s first long-range renewable biomethane truck fleet. The 10 Scania-built lorries use new, high-pressure carbon fuel tanks to store compressed natural gas (CNG), which allow for more methane to be squeezed in, massively increasing their range from 300 miles to 500 miles. CNG fuel is around 40% cheaper than diesel and emits 70% less Carbon Dioxide – each lorry will save more than […]

‘UK’s largest’ natural gas bus fleet in Reading

The “UK’s largest” natural gas-powered bus fleet is set to hit the roads of Reading this month. Operated by Reading Buses, the ‘Greenwave’ service vehicles (pictured) will run solely on Compressed Natural Gas (CNG), which produces no hydrocarbons and has “virtually no carbon emissions”. The buses are expected to improve the air quality and help […]

Smog lifts on a greener Los Angeles

Think of Los Angeles and one of the first things that comes to mind is the smog that famously has hung over the city’s skyline. But the ‘city of angels’ is changing its polluting ways: last year it harnessed almost 20% of its electricity from renewable sources. And now the LA Metro has replaced its […]