Lab-grown coffee to start your day

Finnish scientists have successfully made genetically engineered coffee that ‘tastes and smells like the real thing’

Leyton Orient to provide zero-waste coffee to fans

The East London side have signed a three-year deal with STIRZ as its drinks partner

Every cup of Nespresso coffee to be carbon-neutral by 2022

The company achieved carbon-neutrality across its business operations in 2017 and now commits to achieving it across its supply chain and product life cycle

Company debuts ‘world’s first shoes made from coffee’

The coffee-made shoes aim to reduce massive methane and carbon dioxide gases that spent coffee grounds emit when discarded and landfilled

Paulig named ‘Finland’s most sustainable beverages brand’

The firm’s roasteries now run on renewable energy and it is working on a pilot programme to recover and reuse waste heat

Coffee drinkers blame ‘forgetfulness’ for not using reusable cups

The environmental charity Hubbub has launched a new campaign, Grab Your Cup, to double the use of reusable cups

Gresham House invests £1.2m in coffee-based biofuel firm

The finance aims to help waste coffee grounds recycler bio-bean expand and diversify its operations

New funding to perk up paper cup recycling nationwide

The Cup Fund is offering grants for at least 10 projects to develop infrastructure and ensure tea and coffee cups are collected and sent for recycling

Coffee cups
Glasgow’s single-use plastic cups get binned in new scheme

Keep Scotland Beautiful’s Cup Movement will see convenient recycling points installed across the city

Starbucks pledges to ditch plastic straws globally by 2020

They will be replaced with new lids designed for use without straws and paper or compostable alternatives