Primark releases first circular collection

The cotton used is from farmers that have been trained to use less water, chemical fertilisers and pesticides – with a focus on recycling

‘Brits emit five times what the Paris Agreement recommends’

Transport, food, consumption, freight and other daily activities have all been considered in a new report

Patagonia owner gives brand to climate charity

The outdoor clothing brand will now see all non-operational profits used to fight climate change

More than 60% say they’d buy second-hand clothes to cut carbon

However, 64% return items at least once every two months – releasing more emissions

ASOS, Boohoo and George at Asda investigated over eco-friendly claims

The Competition and Markets Authority will look into whether the fashion brands are claiming their products are more environmentally sustainable than they actually are

Primark training 275k cotton farmers to ‘be more sustainable’

It claims this process uses 40% less chemicals and 10% less water per acre

‘We must learn about materials to drive the circular economy’

Research shows consumers need to learn more about what they wear to become more sustainable

Adidas launches new low carbon running trainers

The shoes equate to 2.94kg of carbon per pair

More than 183m pieces of kids’ clothes hit landfill each year

What if these could be reused by other parents? – a new scheme is looking to kickstart this process

Pangaia commits to net zero by 2040

The clothing brand has pledged to halve its emissions by 2030