UN: ‘Droughts increase nearly a third in a generation’

These have cost the world $124bn since 1998

Unilever part of joint €300m fund to boost regenerative farming

The three partners have pledged to invest €100m each

New Zealand sets three carbon budgets in net zero quest

These cover how much carbon the country can emit in the next 14 years

Climate change could cause the worst marine extinction in 250m years

Scientists state that with current carbon emissions, the world is on course to see a repeat of the Great Dying

BBVA launches carbon markets business

The division will help customers understand their carbon and track their climate ambitions

Man ordered to sell village home to coal company

German Eckardt Heukamp has been forced to give his land to RWE for the excavation of coal in Lützerath

Net zero to suffer from Boris’ oil and gas plans

Six new projects could produce almost half the UK’s yearly emissions alone, Uplift claims

Guinness launches new farming pilot to cut carbon footprint

Regenerative farming trials will be implemented on 40 different Irish barley farms

The new IPCC climate change report – everything you need to know

The second major climate report has been released by the UN’s Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), let’s take a look at some of the topics covered by it

India’s solar output dropped by a third due to air pollution

Polluted air is stopping all the potential sunlight reaching the surface, a new report claims