Carbon capture scale-up ‘could create 10,000 green jobs by 2025’

A new report from the CCSA calls for further funding to deploy CCS technology at the necessary scale, ranging from £1.2bn to £2.6bn

CCC: Despite emissions halving in 2020, net zero is far from half-complete

The Climate Change Committee claims the government has been too slow to deliver on its climate promises and warns that urgent action is needed

Boris Johnson vows 78% emissions cut by 2035

The Prime Minister has pushed climate commitments forward nearly 15 years earlier than previously planned

CCC: ‘UK’s emissions must fall by around 80% by 2035’

In its recommendations for the UK’s sixth Carbon Budget, the Climate Change Committee suggests every car, van and boiler replacement must be zero carbon by early 2030s

Committee on Climate Change appoints Drax representative

The Committee on Climate Change (CCC) has appointed a new member to strengthen its business expertise. Dr. Rebecca Heaton, who will also remain in her existing position as the Head of Sustainability and Policy at Drax in Yorkshire, has been appointed for a five-year term. She said: “I am delighted to have the opportunity to […]

Chancellor should ‘take note’ of Climate Committee’s opinions

Chancellor George Osborne should take note of the Climate Change Committee’s warning against a dash for gas leading to a huge rise in future household bills. The Committee suggested energy generation from renewable sources would keep British households’ fuel bills lower than relying on fossil fuels such as gas. It warned of the risks of […]

Including aviation and shipping in Climate Act a ‘no-brainer’

The UK Government should include aviation and shipping in the Climate Change Act as it is a “no-brainer”. That’s the view of environmental group WWF, commenting after the Energy and Climate Change Committee warned the Government that the exclusion would not help avoid global temperature rises of 2°C. The Committee said this could “water down” […]

Gas generation ‘threat’ to decarbonisation goal

The UK Government’s plans for more gas generation could be a “threat” to the country’s decarbonisation goal. That’s the concern of environmental group WWF, following Energy Secretary Ed Davey’s announcement yesterday where he called for more investment in gas at the GasTech conference in London. He said it would be “consistent” with Britain’s plans to […]

Miliband calls for ‘clear’ decarbonisation plan

Labour leader Ed Miliband has called for a “clear goal” to decarbonise the power sector by 2030. He said the Government must create an attractive place for investors and give them the confidence needed to invest in new low carbon sources of energy. His comments come as the Climate Change Committee warned the UK Government’s […]

Government can’t ignore Climate Committee’s warning

The UK Government cannot ignore the Climate Change Committee’s warning about its “dash for gas” plans. That’s according to environmental group Friends of the Earth who commented after the Committee released a letter yesterday showing concerns about the Government’s plans for more investment in gas. Andrew Pendleton, the group’s Head of Campaigns said: “This is […]