COP27: UK pledges £65.5m for cleantech in developing countries

The Forests and Climate Leaders’ Partnership, which will initially comprise of 20 countries, was also launched to halt and reverse forest loss and land degradation by 2030

EU Commission offers €3bn for innovative cleantech projects

It has launched the third call for projects under the EU Innovation Fund, covering topics including decarbonisation, innovative electrification in industry and cleantech manufacturing

Avfuel invests in cleantech company Alder Fuels

Under the agreement, Avfuel will also buy one billion gallons of SAF over a 20-year period

UK start-up Carbon8 secures £5m to accelerate CCUS technology

Carbon8, a spin-out from the University of Greenwich in London, has developed and commercialised a technology that combines industrial residues with captured carbon emissions to produce high-value minerals

Canada seeks projects for industrial decarbonisation of high-emitting sectors

The government will work together with the private sector to significantly reduce carbon emissions and set a pathway towards reaching net zero by 2050

Citi pledges $1tn to sustainable finance by 2030

It intends to finance and facilitate a wide array of climate solutions, including renewable energy, clean technology, water conservation, green buildings and sustainable agriculture and land use