China pledges to stop building new coal-fired power plants abroad

President Xi Jinping made the announcement during the 76th session of the UN General Assembly via video, pledging to ‘step up support’ for green and low carbon energy projects in developing countries

Lotus to build £900m EV plant in Wuhan

The sports car brand has stated the plant will ramp up production to 150,000 vehicles per year

China boosts renewable portfolio in Middle East

China Three Gorges South Asia Investment has acquired Alcazar Energy and its 411MW renewable porfolio

‘World’s largest’ wind turbine covers six football pitches

The renewable colossus can power 20,000 homes per unit over its 25-year lifespan

CTX to launch cross-border trading of carbon-neutrality tokens

The company said its tokens will be backed by China’s carbon credits and pave the way for carbon credits to be transferred across international borders

Sinopec launches China’s ‘first megaton-scale’ carbon capture project

The project, estimated to reduce carbon emissions by one million tons annually, is expected to be put into production by the end of 2021

Sinopec builds China’s ‘first carbon-neutral fuel station’

Its distributed solar power generation project has officially gone into operation, which has the capacity to offset the power consumption and emissions of the Jiaze Gas Station

China’s emissions in 2019 ‘surpassed those from all developed countries combined’

The country’s share of global emissions rose to 27% during 2019, a new report claims

Bitcoin mining ‘could threaten China’s climate targets’

By 2024, Chinese bitcoin mining could generate a carbon output exceeding the total annual greenhouse gas emissions of the Czech Republic and Qatar

India’s Energy Minister brands net zero targets ‘pie in the sky’

That’s the suggestion from India’s Minister of Power who said developed countries are responsible for ‘much higher per capita emissions’