Gas flaring not accounted for by fossil fuel companies

A new report claims that these firms are releasing 20 million tonnes of GHG emissions each year, without monitoring them

Chevron and Pertamina team up for lower carbon opportunities in Indonesia

They plan to consider geothermal technologies, CCUS, as well as hydrogen development, storage and transport

Carbon capture company bags $150m funding

Carbon Clean has set a target to deliver one gigatonne of industrial decarbonisation by 2035

Chevron invests in UK-based carbon capture technology business

Carbon Clean’s technology is designed to reduce the costs and physical footprint required for carbon capture compared with many existing approaches

Chevron invests in soybean-to-renewable fuel venture

Chevron intends to use soybean oil as feedstock to produce biodiesel and jet fuel

Chevron and Microsoft join forces for bioenergy and CCS plant in California

The plant will convert agricultural waste biomass, such as almond trees, into a renewable synthesis gas

Chevron to fund carbon capture tech startup in bid to lower emissions in its operations

The investment will support Blue Planet’s technology that captures carbon dioxide and uses it in the production of building materials