Water treatment
Yorkshire Water launches £17m scheme to clean up treated sewage

It hopes the move will help it meet environmental targets on phosphorus removal

Ozone-depleting chemical ‘tracked down to Chinese industry’

The Environmental Investigation Agency alleges 18 different companies are using the illegal CFC-11

Are electric vehicles as clean as we think?

A new report says the electronic equipment and batteries used in EVs contain most of the poisons present in diesel emissions

EU bank offers $49m to clean up water treatment and chemical sector

The financing will support research and development into optimising water treatment and developing new products

Environment Agency: Water pollution penalties must be tougher

The Environment Agency has called for tougher penalties to be introduced for those guilty of water pollution. Although the number of serious incidents has fallen by almost two-thirds since 2001, more than 300 damaging leaks still occurred across the UK in 2016. The organisation says agriculture is the sector most responsible for water pollution and […]

Siemens and Evonik partnership shows real chemistry

Siemens and Evonik have partnered to turn carbon dioxide into high-value chemicals. The joint initiative, called the Rheticus Project, will use fermentation and clean energy electrolysis to convert the greenhouse gas into products such as butanol and hexanol, which are feedstocks for special plastics and food supplements. It is expected to be significantly more cost-effective and […]

Brexit risks for environmental protections continue

Brexit has resulted in ongoing uncertainty regarding UK environmental protections and posed serious risks around air quality and chemicals. That’s according to Greener UK’s Brexit Risk Tracker, which rates different policy areas as being either secure from risk (green), moderately at risk (amber) or at high risk (red) from Brexit. One issue rated red is […]

US to cut climate-damaging HFCs

The US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is finalising a rule to ban certain chemicals which contribute to climate change. They want to encourage more climate-friendly alternatives and reduce emissions of hydrofluorocarbons (HFCs). HFCs are a class of potent greenhouse gases used in air-conditioning, refrigeration and other equipment. EPA Administrator Gina McCarthy said: “It is in line […]

US awards $9m to predict impact of chemicals on environment

The US Government has awarded grants worth $9 million (£5.4m) for research to help predict the implications of chemicals on the environment and human health. Arizona State University and the University of California, Santa Barbara, the two recipients of the funding, will look at the impacts of chemicals throughout their life cycle – from design […]

East Africa could be the next Qatar for gas

East Africa could be the “next Qatar” for onshore gas exploration and production. Qatar is currently one of the largest exporters of liquefied natural gas followed by Malaysia, Indonesia and Australia. But industry experts believe it could soon have a rival in East African nations such as Tanzania and Mozambique which have recently been shown […]