MPs slam government’s 2030 ban on new petrol and diesel cars

The government’s proposal is facing opposition from MPs due to concerns about the lack of charging infrastructure and the high cost of EVs

‘Public charging would make EVs more appealing to Brits’

Reliance on a single public charging service would see the number of EVs jump on UK roads

VW claims largest EV charging network in Europe

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‘In EV revolution, 40% of UK could be left behind’

That’s due to a lack of charging infrastructure, the AA claims

UK ends EV buyer grant scheme to boost infrastructure

The plug-in grant funding will now be used to increase charging access and cut ‘range anxiety’

Fried chicken going down a treat for EV drivers

KFC has revealed more drivers are using its site, as they look to charge their car

New EV charging hub launches on M25

The site features 12 EV chargers, which can provide up to 350KW of power

General Motors doubles Climate Equity Fund to $50m

The announcement follows GM’s commitment to become carbon-neutral in its global products and operations by 2040

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