New British EV charging company hits roads

This joint venture is looking to build up to 35,000 charge points across the UK in the next ten years

UK coppers boast 430 EVs

There are also more than 800 charging points

Nottingham launches UK’s first wireless electric taxis trial

Nottingham City Council and its project partners will monitor the trial and share learnings with the government to help shape future regulations and delivery of wireless charging projects

Days after banning petrol cars, Californians urged not to charge EVs

This is after the state is expected to experience temperatures peaking 37°C

Durham secures £1.25m to build 100 charging points

County Durham currently has the lowest share of EV chargers in the UK

‘In EV revolution, 40% of UK could be left behind’

That’s due to a lack of charging infrastructure, the AA claims

Ireland launches new office to support transition to zero-emission vehicles

Zero Emission Vehicles Ireland has launched a number of new initiatives to boost the uptake of EVs across the country

GM partners for 500 EV charging station installations

This will include 2,000 chargers across US motorways

West Sussex initiates ‘largest-ever local authority rollout’ of EV chargers

Councillors and representatives from Connected Kerb gathered at Hazelgrove Road Car Park at Haywards Heath to mark the rollout this week, which will take place over the next decade

New EV charging hub opens in Norwich

The facility hosts 35 EV chargers, doubling the number of rapid chargers available in the city