‘Europe’s first’ ammonia-fired power plant planned for Ireland

Centrica, Bord Gáis Energy and Mitsubishi Power have revealed plans for the ammonia-fired power plant in Europe, located in Cork, Ireland

‘UK’s energy security at risk from ‘phantom’ power projects’

The UK’s energy security is at risk due to a backlog of ‘phantom’ power projects in the queue for connecting to the national grid, according to a Centrica report

Centrica: Net zero industry is booming

future Net Zero spoke to net zero expert at Centrica, Jean-Yves Cherruault, about the role of leadership in net zero at the Big Zero Show

Sewage power to heat 10,000 UK homes

Centrica Energy Trading has teamed up with Yorkshire Water and SGN Commercial Services in a 15-year deal to extract biomethane from sewage

UK big firms urge Prime Minister for net zero leadership to prevent UK lagging behind

Major companies, including Centrica, Tesco, BT, M&S, Unilever and Amazon have expressed concern over the country’s potential to lag behind in the green economy without strong government support

UK Infrastructure Bank goes big on green with £200m battery investment

The UK Infrastructure Bank is set to invest up to £200 million across two investment funds

Rising energy prices – what can your business do?

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Centrica plans to cap profits to lower energy bills

Centrica’s chief has backed a CfD regime for existing low carbon electricity generators

British Gas vows to donate millions of its profits to customers

The UK’s largest energy supplier will donate 10% of its profits to help people with soaring bills

How can does real-time data help you understand consumption?

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