Solar is in the British Army now!

Centrica has delivered what is claimed to be British Army’s first solar farm

Nearly 60% of UK businesses ‘struggle to justify green investments’

Almost half of businesses find it hard to make the case for green investment, even if it results in long-term savings, according to a new survey

UK businesses ‘to invest £15.8bn in EVs over the next year’

This would be a more than 50% increase on the £10.5bn invested in EVs and charging infrastructure last year

Podcast: The challenge is clear – we have nine years to make 100% of new vehicle sales electric

That’s the suggestion from Natasha Mahmoudian, Head of Public Affairs for Electric Vehicles at Centrica Business Solutions

‘Governments and regulators will play a key role in enabling the transition to cleaner fuels’

Xing Wang, SVP of Global Technology at Centrica Business Solutions, told future Net Zero that clean fuel markets are quickly evolving and demand for more sustainable alternatives is increasing at pace

‘Businesses want to decarbonise, but in many cases can’t access the capital needed to do so’

That’s the suggestion from Bill Rees, Commercial Director at Centrica Business Solutions, who told future Net Zero about how financial challenges on the road to net zero can best be overcome

‘Businesses are increasingly aware that cutting emissions and saving money go hand-in-hand’

That’s the suggestion from John Hartley, Director of Product Management at Centrica Business Solutions, who told us about the importance of a successful decarbonisation strategy to thrive in the lead-up towards 2050

On Demand Webinar: How to build an effective carbon reduction strategy

Discover best practices for diagnosing energy-related issues and building a carbon-reduction plan that overcomes those issues and seizes new opportunities

Clean energy strategies ‘must be holistically integrated with wider commercial objectives’

That’s the suggestion from Stuart Duncan, Distributed Energy Strategic Sales Manager at Centrica Business Solutions

Webinar: Building an integrated energy strategy for net zero

In case you missed this live webinar, you can catch up here