Centrica unveils plan to slash energy usage

Centrica has partnered with The Pirbright Institute to implement an on-site technology plan aimed at reducing net energy use by over 10% by 2026

“We need to act to make sure we have a better future for ourselves and those around us”

We spoke to Justin Jacober, Managing Director of Centrica Business Solutions about enabling net zero 

Over half of UK businesses set sights on hydrogen tech for net zero

Despite the ambitious plans, it is estimated that just 2% of businesses are currently investing in hydrogen technology, according to a study

Centrica to build largest battery storage project in Scotland

Centrica Business Solutions is set to construct its largest battery storage project, a 65MW two-hour battery storage plant in Perthshire, Scotland

‘Hydrogen backed by 77% of businesses’

Energy costs have been the motivation for a third of these companies

How can does real-time data help you understand consumption?

Watch this Pathway to Net Zero Session from the inaugural Big Zero Show to find out

How is data key in businesses realising net zero aims?

Watch this Pathway to Net Zero Session from the inaugural Big Zero Show to find out

“The main challenge right now is rising energy costs”

Sumit Bose met with Phil Manock, Head of Sales and Business Development at British Gas – which works in partnership with Centrica Business Solutions – and talked about today’s crisis

Solar is in the British Army now!

Centrica has delivered what is claimed to be British Army’s first solar farm

Nearly 60% of UK businesses ‘struggle to justify green investments’

Almost half of businesses find it hard to make the case for green investment, even if it results in long-term savings, according to a new survey