California cement industry unveils plan to reach carbon neutrality by 2045

Its roadmap outlines three major pathways to carbon neutrality – reducing manufacturing process emissions, reducing combustion emissions through fuel switching and increasing distributed electricity generation

American Petroleum Institute endorses carbon pricing to address climate concerns

It believes the carbon pricing system should be designed so consumers have transparent incentives to reduce emissions efficiently

Chevron to fund carbon capture tech startup in bid to lower emissions in its operations

The investment will support Blue Planet’s technology that captures carbon dioxide and uses it in the production of building materials

Building materials giant LafargeHolcim to develop large-scale CCUS plant

The carbon dioxide will be captured from the company’s cement plant in Spain and will be recycled for agricultural use

Efforts to make Humber ‘world’s first’ net zero industrial cluster by 2040 win broader support

Zero Carbon Humber Partnership has unveiled 45 organisations that support its £75m carbon capture and hydrogen network bid

Carbon Clean Solutions Limited and Marubeni Corporation partner to develop CCUS projects

Projects in Europe will start immediately, focusing on capturing the greenhouse gas from the steel, cement, waste management and petrochemicals sectors

Equinor joins hands with Shell and Total for CO2 storage project in Norway

The Northern Lights project will help to decarbonise industries by capturing, transporting and storing CO2 in a reservoir in the Northern North Sea

BP, Eni, Equinor, Shell and Total form ‘UK’s first net zero cluster’

The energy giants will accelerate the development of the Net Zero Teesside project, which aims to capture industrial emissions and store them underneath the North Sea

Could US carbon capture project promise negative-emission fuels?

A new project in Mississippi suggests the answer is yes – it will convert waste woody biomass into diesel and aviation fuel while capturing any emissions released during the process

US invests $56.5m in advanced clean coal technologies

A total of 32 winners will share the funding for projects including carbon capture, utilisation and storage and steam turbine efficiency