Hydrogen-powered BMW set for market in 2025

Toyota is working with the German company to build the powertrain

Scottish coppers given EVs – but nowhere to charge them!

More than 20 Scottish police stations have reportedly been given new electric vehicles without any charging points

Nissan to trial EV renting system in Japan

This is to keep raw materials from batteries within the country, as prices hike

‘You shouldn’t be paying more than £1.65 for your petrol’

A campaign claims that petrol stations are making as much as £20 profit per family car on fuel

Melting roads in 40°C heat! Could waste plastics be the answer?

The CEO of a small company reveals all

UK’s automotive carbon footprint fell by 11% in 2021

This is the lowest level since records began

Hyundai building first EV-only factory in South Korea

It has pledged to invest $48bn into the country by 2025

EV company Rivian considering axing 5% of workforce

This would amount to hundreds of jobs

VW badge
VW kicks off work on six EV battery factories

This follows its pledge of investing $20bn in EVs by 2030

Government report explains why petrol prices are so high

This report also considers means to stop retailers taking advantage of drivers’ pockets