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Government ‘must not rely on carbon pricing alone to reach net zero’

The Committee on Climate Change says must used as part of a wider suite of policy instruments.

Picture of a power station with emissions at dusk.
Scotland and Wales concerned carbon tax could replace ETS

Both nations are worried a ‘no deal’ Brexit could devolve powers to England

UK ‘must introduce an economy-wide carbon tax’

Policy Exchange suggests the Budget announcement is an ideal opportunity to announce such a move

US passes non-binding measure to block potential carbon tax

The majority of voters said charging consumers and businesses for their environmental impact would be detrimental to the economy

Singapore confirms carbon tax from 2019

The Singapore Government has confirmed plans to implement a carbon tax from 2019. The tax rate will start at $5 (£2.7) per tonne of greenhouse gas emissions until 2023, following which it will increase to between $10 (£5.4) and $15 (£8) per tonne of emissions by 2030. Announcing the plans as part of the Budget, […]

Singapore to impose carbon tax from 2019

Singapore plans to impose a carbon tax in the next two years in an effort to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. That means power producers and large carbon emitters will have to pay a tax for each tonne of carbon they release. The government states the carbon price “will generally be applied upstream, for example, on power stations […]

Canada to set ‘strong’ carbon tax

Canada’s Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has said he will impose a “strong” price on carbon. In a Canadian television interview, Mr Trudeau insisted he aims to set a national carbon tax even if provinces try to block the proposal. He added that’s an “essential element” of the Liberal Party’s climate change plan. He went on: […]

Governments raised $26bn from carbon pricing in 2015

Governments around the world raised around $26 billion (£17.9bn) from charging for carbon emissions. That’s an increase of 60% compared to the previous year, according to the World Bank. Its ‘Carbon Pricing Watch 2016’ report stated 40 countries and more than 20 cities, states and regions accounting for a quarter of all greenhouse gas emissions […]

World Bank discusses carbon pricing with 30 countries

The World Bank has brought together more than 30 developed and developing nations to discuss carbon pricing. Its conference in Zurich this week will address the opportunities and challenges in using carbon pricing to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and build carbon markets. The carbon price is a charge on businesses for producing emissions. The event […]