Cement and concrete industry commit to scaling up CCUS technologies

Two organisations will collaborate and explore incentives, policy frameworks and finance solutions at a global level that can enable industrial-scale CCUS projects over the next 10 years

‘World first’: Oil giants sign cross-border CO2 transportation and storage deal with Yara

Northern Lights and Yara will transport CO2 captured from an ammonia and fertiliser plant in the Netherlands and permanently store it under the seabed off the coast of Norway

Are the UK seas the largest carbon sinks?

UK scientists will work on creating a map of the UK’s “blue carbon” reservoirs

UK’s nature reserves face hotter temperatures

Nearly 94% of The Wildlife Trusts’ sites are projected to see temperature increases of more than 1°C by 2050, according to a report

‘Mammoth’ new facility to suck 36,000 tons of carbon annually from the air in Iceland

Climeworks’ new direct air capture plant will have a nominal carbon dioxide capture capacity of 36,000 tons per year when fully operational, with the aim of removing gigatons of CO2 from the atmosphere each year by 2050

US awards $39m to turn buildings into carbon storage structures

Projects aim to increase the total amount of carbon stored in buildings to create carbon sinks, which absorb more carbon from the atmosphere than released during the construction process

New study to explore carbon storage opportunities in the Permian Basin

Texas Pacific Land (TPL) Corporation and Milestone Carbon will evaluate the geological and geophysical characteristics of certain acreage owned by TPL for the purposes of sequestering carbon dioxide

Plans unveiled for carbon capture and storage at Cameron LNG

Carbon dioxide will be captured and permanently stored in saline aquifer using an injection well with a capacity of up to two million tons of CO2 per year

Carbon capture market will hit $4tn, says ExxonMobil

It believes carbon capture will dominate 60% of the $6.5tn market by 2050

UK peat use blamed for millions of tonnes of ‘avoidable’ carbon dioxide

Peat extraction in 2020 alone could release up to 880k tonnes of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere, new study finds