‘For net zero aviation, $1tn in carbon offsets is needed’

That’s if travellers and airlines don’t change the current rate of flights, a report has found

BMO banks on carbon credits from Amazon-backed tech firm in net zero drive

The purchase of carbon credits from CarbonCure over five years will represent 5,750 metric tons of carbon dioxide removal and reductions

‘Carbon offsets give some companies a smokescreen on climate impact’

The carbon market is allowing firms to warp their actual environmental impact, the CCC has found

EasyJet to stop offsetting carbon from December

The airline will look to use SAF and hydrogen technology to cut carbon

Raptic achieves carbon-neutral certification for mobile phone cases

Many of the company’s products are made with recycled materials and shipped in non-plastic packaging

BAFTA signs offsetting deal

The carbon offsets will be issued to film and television productions up and down the country

Airlines announce large carbon offsetting drive

This will be driven by an investment in carbon capture and storage technology

Real estate firm Hines sets net zero goal across all buildings by 2040

It intends to achieve the target by reducing emissions through the implementation of renewable technologies and sustainable initiatives throughout its portfolio of 1,530 properties in 285 cities across 28 countries

Tech solutions firm Unisys targets net zero emissions by 2030

The company exceeded its goal of reducing its carbon footprint by 75% by 2026 based on 2021 data – five years ahead of schedule

Ad exchange network OpenX becomes carbon-neutral

It intends to develop new products for programmatic ad buys that will further reduce the energy intensity of ad auctions