German renewables investor launches its carbon measurement business

AQ Green TeC aims to help businesses measure their emissions across their value chain accurately and credibly

Carbon-neutral coke?

The certification of Coca-Cola’s two sites in Sweden and Spain marks an important step in the organisation’s 2040 net zero ambition

Thames Water ties with SGN for biogas installations

Waste sludge from sewage treatment will be used to create biomethane to warm homes

Government launches greenwashing crackdown

Under the new rules, available ‘green’ tariffs will be reviewed to explore the extent of greenwashing in the retail energy sector

G7 carbon-neutrality to be achieved through four offsetting projects

Local seasonal produce, vegetable oil fuels and carbon offsets are some of the measures that will be deployed to make the event as sustainable as possible

Dog food brand reducing its carbon ‘paw print’ with 100% shipping emissions offset

It has also launched multiple other programmes to encourage environmentally-responsible pet ownership, including recyclable packaging and money-saving offer with eco-friendly gifts

Lenovo mitigates impact of 26k tonnes of CO2 with customer offset scheme

Customers are able to choose from a range of UN-backed initiatives and receive a certificate confirming the offset emissions for each product

BP acquires majority stake in US forest carbon offset company

Finite Carbon currently has 50 carbon projects on three million acres in the US which have registered more than 70 million independently-verified offsets

Etihad Airways launches ‘Middle East’s first’ carbon offset programme

The airline said it will ‘completely neutralise’ the carbon dioxide emissions of its flagship ‘Greenliner’ 787-10 aircraft for its operations in 2021

Eni reaches milestone of offsetting 1.5m tonnes of CO2

The energy company offset emissions by supporting a forest conservation project in Africa