Cutting carbon is about ‘checks and balances’

This week’s Net Hero Podcast focusses on the power of blockchain and how it can help us in growing the carbon marketplace

BBVA launches carbon markets business

The division will help customers understand their carbon and track their climate ambitions

New partnership to develop carbon marketplace in Indonesia

The partnership will enable Indonesian buyers and sellers to immediately gain access to a global marketplace with participants from 30 countries

Aker and Microsoft partner to scale up CCUS value chain

Both the companies have a shared goal of accelerating the development of a functioning marketplace for CCUS and believe the combined technical expertise will allow to further strengthen these efforts

Global banks team up to launch carbon offset platform

‘Project Carbon’ aims to support a global marketplace for quality carbon offsets with ‘clear and consistent pricing and standards’ and provide a pathway for clients in their efforts to achieve a net zero goal

EBRD to help Kazakhstan’s power sector achieve carbon neutrality by 2060

They will work together on the development of renewable energy and the carbon market, the enhancement of the electrical grid and the decommissioning of old thermal capacity, among other things

Large-scale voluntary carbon market ‘critical to reaching net zero’

Voluntary carbon markets, a vital part of emissions reduction efforts worldwide, enable buyers to purchase credits that support projects that reduce emissions and contribute to a smaller global emissions footprint overall

The global carbon market ‘will grow rapidly in the next decade’

That’s the forecast from Vaughan Lindsay, CEO of ClimateCare, who told FNZ about the ‘inevitable’ steps that every business will have to take in the near future

Europe’s carbon market crashes amid coronavirus crisis

IHS Markit notes prices have already dropped by up to €9.9 per metric ton of carbon

UK intends to stay in EU’s carbon market until 2020

The government is still working through the details of how this would work during the transition period