‘Greenhouse gases reached record levels in 2021’

Methane, carbon dioxide and nitrous oxide all hit peak levels after the pandemic

Sadiq Khan under fire for 14,000-mile flight to join climate change summit

The Mayor will travel to Buenos Aires to attend the C40 World Mayors summit

Greece runs entirely on renewables for first time

Renewable energy sources represented 46% of the country’s power mix in the first eight months of the year, new report suggests

Hydrogen made by bacteria that eat oil?

A company says the gas can be made as a by-product of microbes munching on crude oil

‘Forests losing ability to take CO2 from the air’

This is as temperatures rise and plants struggle to keep cool and photosynthesise

‘Carbon capture not a net zero solution!’

Research claims more projects are underperforming than successful

London-based Econic Tech raises £10.4m to turn carbon dioxide into polymers

It will initially serve the polyurethane industry to make foams for insulation and mattresses, protective coatings, sealants and adhesives

Can carbon capture help navigate the energy crisis?

New consultation aims to secure more private funds into BECCS projects

UK to yield the power of biomass with new £37m package

Among the beneficiary projects is one which aims to accelerate the growth of elephant grass to produce sustainable fuel

The Carbon Column – Carbon dioxide vs carbon dioxide equivalent

In this post I discuss greenhouse gas emissions and significance of carbon dioxide equivalent in reporting standards