Green digital asset MCO2 token listed on crypto platform

MCO2, which was launched by environmental platform MOSS in March 2020, is equivalent to one carbon credit

Amazon invests $10m to help conserve US forests

Investment will help remove more than 18 million metric tonnes of carbon dioxide from the atmosphere, equivalent to 46 billion miles driven by an average passenger vehicle

UK carbon credit director disqualified

A carbon credit company’s director has been penalised with a 14-year disqualification for an investment scam. Christopher James Thompson, Director of CT Carbon Limited (CTCL) made sales totalling £1.1 million by selling Voluntary Emission Reductions (VERs) as an investment. After receiving a letter from a journalist highlighting concerns regarding the rates offered by CTCL and […]

Carbon credit company director disqualified

A carbon credit company’s director has been penalised with a 15-year disqualification for an investment scam. Acording to the Insolvency Service, Young Erumuse from the London Carbon Credit Company Limited (LCCCL) sold carbon credits as an investment when the company had no genuine secondary resale market. He also failed to maintain, preserve or deliver company […]

Carbon credit scam director banned for 15 years

A director of a firm selling non-existent carbon credits has been banned for up to 15 years after taking nearly £200,000. Jason Pistolas, 38, ran London-based Earnshaw Equities which claimed to invest in carbon credits for individuals. However it had no access to the carbon credits market, according to the government. Company statements showed £177,497 was received into the company bank […]

Elderly targeted in £24m carbon credit scam

The Government has shut down 19 companies in the last 15 months for scamming £24 million from investors by selling them virtually worthless carbon credits. The Insolvency Service said the companies had “ripped off” more than 1,500 investors, most of them elderly. The now defunct firms flogged victims Certified Emission Reduction Units (CERs) using high-pressure […]

Georgia’s largest power plant to trade carbon credits

Finance from a London-based bank has helped Georgia’s largest hydro power plant sell carbon credits. The European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) provided a total amount of $70 million since 1998 to upgrade all five units and increase the Enguri Hydro power plant’s operational capacity. The project is now registered under the Kyoto Protocols’ […]