‘We need 5bn tonnes of carbon capture to avoid climate catastrophe’

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Net Hero Podcast – Carbon capture can it work?

A carbon capture expert tells me the technology is ready to become an affordable solution for society

Carbon capture company bags $150m funding

Carbon Clean has set a target to deliver one gigatonne of industrial decarbonisation by 2035

Chevron invests in UK-based carbon capture technology business

Carbon Clean’s technology is designed to reduce the costs and physical footprint required for carbon capture compared with many existing approaches

CEMEX and Carbon Clean team up for German carbon capture venture

The plant will begin by capturing 100 tonnes of carbon each day, with hope that this will increase to 300 tonnes in the coming years

Carbon Clean and BayoTech combine for hydrogen and carbon capture solutions

The companies claim the project marks an important step in the energy transition towards achieving net zero by 2050

Veolia and Carbon Clean to trial carbon capture at energy recovery facilities

The technology will extract and purify CO2 from combustion flue gas emissions into a valuable commodity that can form part of a new circular carbon economy