Hydrogen made by bacteria that eat oil?

A company says the gas can be made as a by-product of microbes munching on crude oil

Is carbon capture the answer to energy woes?

This week’s Net Hero Podcast focusses on carbon capture, billed the answer to cutting emissions and maintaining our lifestyles – can it be so?

Shell leads push for carbon capture

The company is in pole position for CCS projects out of the fossil fuel companies, a report states

Net Hero Podcast – capture me now!

Can carbon capture be the answer in this energy crisis? Will it help us keep on the path to net zero despite continued fossil fuel use?

Cement and concrete industry commit to scaling up CCUS technologies

Two organisations will collaborate and explore incentives, policy frameworks and finance solutions at a global level that can enable industrial-scale CCUS projects over the next 10 years

EasyJet to stop offsetting carbon from December

The airline will look to use SAF and hydrogen technology to cut carbon

‘We’re sacrificing billions of bread loaves for bioenergy’

A new report claims that the amount of land needed for bioenergy could be used to farm 15bn loaves of bread in a year

Drax signs 2m tonne carbon removal deal

It claims the deal marks the largest in the world

Copenhagen fails to deliver on 2025 carbon-neutrality target

This is after its carbon capture incinerator failed to receive state funding

BASF and Samsung sail towards onboard carbon capture system

They intend to carry out a collaborative feasibility assessment of capturing carbon onboard as well as engineering design and construction of the carbon capture unit