SaskPower CCS site hits milestone of capturing 4m tonnes of CO2

SaskPower’s CCS facility has demonstrated the impact on the environment this technology can have – equivalent to taking 865,000 cars off the road for a year

Aker Carbon Capture and Siemens Energy team up for sustainable power generation

The collaboration will initially focus on the European market for new low carbon power generation, where a combination of new turbines and carbon capture and storage can provide sustainable solutions fit for the 21st century

Government announces landmark ban on funding of fossil fuel projects overseas

A new ‘North Sea Transition Deal’ will see policymakers and industry invest up to £16 billion in renewables, hydrogen and carbon capture usage and storage by 2030 to reduce carbon emissions

RWE launches study to cut emissions at Pembroke gas plant in Wales

It will work with partners to investigate how hydrogen and carbon capture can help reduce carbon emissions from its 2.2GW gas-fired power station

Project to turn coal to liquid hydrogen begins in Australia

The Australian-Japanese collaboration could reduce carbon emissions by 1.8m tonnes per year, equivalent to the emissions of 350,000 petrol cars

FedEx commits $2bn to become carbon neutral by 2040

The delivery services company intends to make investments in three key areas: vehicle electrification, sustainable energy and carbon sequestration

‘High-tech tree planting is the key to counteracting corporate emissions’

Land Life Company’s Rebekah Braswell says large-scale reforestation, combined with the smart use of data, can prove an essential tool in businesses’ CSR strategies

bp and Rosneft will work together to accelerate sustainability

The two companies have made an agreement to improve carbon management and sustainability measures

ExxonMobil creates new business focused on low carbon energy solutions

It plans to invest $3bn through 2025, with an initial focus on carbon capture and storage technologies

Chevron to fund carbon capture tech startup in bid to lower emissions in its operations

The investment will support Blue Planet’s technology that captures carbon dioxide and uses it in the production of building materials