Bids invited for next carbon capture clusters

Scotland will host new hydrogen, floating offshore wind and CCUS projects

Wood advises on ‘more than half’ the world’s carbon capture projects

The firm has stated that it has had an input on 175 projects – from the US to Saudi Arabia

Capturing carbon from the air and storing it in the sea?

This technique captures up to three times more carbon than current methods, researchers claim

Shell leads push for carbon capture

The company is in pole position for CCS projects out of the fossil fuel companies, a report states

BASF and Samsung sail towards onboard carbon capture system

They intend to carry out a collaborative feasibility assessment of capturing carbon onboard as well as engineering design and construction of the carbon capture unit

‘Carbon capture not a net zero solution!’

Research claims more projects are underperforming than successful

Equinor and Wintershall Dea link up for large-scale CCS

They plan to transport CO2 from continental Europe and inject and store it in suitable reservoirs on the Norwegian Continental Shelf

US provides $31m to develop CCS technologies

They will be capable of capturing at least 95% of emissions from natural gas and waste-to-energy plants and industrial applications such as cement and steel

“UK has the capacity to hold two centuries’ worth of its current emissions”

UK’s carbon capture and storage could be worth £20 billion in the next ten years, according to a new report

Captured carbon since 1996 ‘heavily overestimated’

That’s due to no consistent monitoring framework, scientists claim