Government introduces new law to reward farmers for tackling climate change

The Agriculture Bill will provide incentives for ‘public goods’ such as better air and water quality or measures to reduce flooding

UK confirms £540k boost to reward farmers for environmental outcomes

It is the first agri-environment scheme to be directly funded by the UK

Theresa May pledges farming policy will improve environment post-Brexit

The EU’s Common Agricultural Policy is to be scrapped and replaced with a ‘simpler system’

Gove pledges streamlined support for farmers to protect environment

The government has pledged to streamline support for farmers to protect wildlife, enhance the environment and improve land use as the UK leaves the EU. Environment Secretary Michael Gove said the current system of farm support under the EU’s “burdensome” Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) is “inefficient, ineffective, inequitable and environmentally harmful”. The CAP sustains the […]

Government proposals ‘risk £1bn of fuel crop investments’

New government proposals could risk £1 billion of fuel crop investments. The Department of Transport (DfT) has published a consultation on the UK’s Renewable Transport Fuels Obligation, which discusses long term renewable transport targets. According to the Renewable Energy Association (REA), proposals to cap fuel crops to below EU levels could undermine existing UK biofuel plants and the supply chain. […]

Green investment initiative for developing nations

A new initiative to foster clean energy investment in developing countries has been launched at COP21 in Paris. The ‘Climate Aggregation Platform’ (CAP) is a multi-million dollar programme which aims to help build pipelines of standardised, low carbon energy assets and develop low cost sources of financing for them. The United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) […]

EU auditors raise water policy concerns

EU member states need to do more to protect water resources and ensure long term sustainable use, the European Court of Auditors (ECA) suggest. Its new report reveals the EU has been “only partially successful” in integrating water policy goals into the common agricultural policy (CAP). The CAP represents just under 40% of the EU […]

MPs reject ‘green’ EU farm regulations

UK MPs have rejected the EU’s new ‘greening’ regulations and claim it could harm the environment. This comes as the European Commission published its proposals for reform of the Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) today. The report wants to ‘green’ the CAP with  30% of farm subsidies to be conditional on meeting certain ‘greening’ measures. The […]