Class act! New £10m initiative to help decarbonise schools across England

A total of 30 climate advisors in nine regions of England will provide support and guidance to schools and colleges to achieve zero carbon by 2030

Mashed potato thrown on £96m Monet painting

The climate protest in Germany follows Just Stop Oil’s stunt of throwing tomato soup on a Van Gogh piece in London

Industry comes together to push for a hydrogen future

A campaign has been launched asking the government to invest in hydrogen

Government investment zones slammed by environmentalists

These zones are looking to cut planning necessities for new business developments

Northern Ireland fuels a greener future with E10 petrol rollout

E10 petrol will be the new standard grade of petrol, blended with up to 10% renewable ethanol, from 1st November 2022

Claims Australia is en route to ‘renewable gas’

Are these false and what could this future mean for the country?

Let’s Go Zero: IKEA seeks ideas from children to make UK schools more sustainable

The retailer is working with the Let’s Go Zero campaign, which aims to help all 32,000 schools in the UK reach zero by 2030

Unions: ‘Nuclear funding is critical to net zero success’

Three energy unions are calling for government to accelerate its new nuclear funding plan to help with the country’s net zero aims