Without more regulation, net zero won’t happen say 80% businesses

Global businesses are calling for more support from policymakers to make the green step

Pub expects energy bills to more than double

This is without any government support

‘More than 75k firms face collapse without energy bill support’

A new report states that government support for businesses is critical for their survival this winter

UK launches Net Zero Handbook for Aussie and Kiwi businesses

This has been made to help these companies deliver on net zero goals

Nearly 78% of microbusinesses ‘don’t fully understand net zero’

Almost 67% of small firms have never sought information on how to reduce their carbon footprint, according to a report

Businesses beg new PM to ‘keep net zero targets going’

These include Amazon, Coca-Cola, Unilever and Lloyds Bank

Let’s Go Zero: IKEA seeks ideas from children to make UK schools more sustainable

The retailer is working with the Let’s Go Zero campaign, which aims to help all 32kschools in the UK reach zero by 2030

Rural Cornwall gets £36m Wi-Fi boost

It is part of a wider £5bn project to boost connectivity in the UK

Scotland opens first tranche of £500m fund supporting net zero transition

The 10-year commitment will support projects in the North East and Moray, enabling businesses, communities, finance organisations and individuals to move towards net zero

Sustainability policies only known by a third of employees

Although 64% have stated they want to know more