UN Chief: ‘Businesses and government must protect nature’

He is also calling for more regulations to come in place to stop greenwashing

US offers $250m for energy efficiency upgrades in homes and businesses

States can apply to establish loan funds to invest in energy audits and energy saving upgrades and retrofits of residential and commercial buildings

Will SMEs be left behind in the race to net zero?

SMEs risk losing access to funding without the support from the banking sector

Only 30% of Brits think climate change is being tackled correctly

This is a substantial drop from last year when more than half though the country was going in the right direction

‘Carbon offsets give some companies a smokescreen on climate impact’

The carbon market is allowing firms to warp their actual environmental impact, the CCC has found

Irish businesses offered up to €2,400 each to install rooftop solar panels

The grant scheme will support solar technology of up to 6kWp of capacity, i.e. approximately 16 solar panels

Energy Bill Relief Scheme kicks in to support businesses from rising costs

It is expected to lead to businesses paying wholesale energy costs ‘well below half of expected prices’ for this winter

British public invited to give their views on net zero review

The month-long call for evidence is aimed at the public, businesses and local authorities to give them a chance to share their views on the green transition

Without more regulation, net zero won’t happen say 80% businesses

Global businesses are calling for more support from policymakers to make the green step

Pub expects energy bills to more than double

This is without any government support