Nearly 28% of UK businesses feel exposed to climate change

Almost 43% of UK business transformation projects are currently driven by net zero objectives, according to a new report

Carbon credits face make-or-break moment

A new report indicates potential for carbon credit prices to reach $238 per tonne by 2050 if trust is restored, but warns of possible extinction due to oversupply and buyer skepticism

Camden launches scheme to help local businesses save energy

Camden council will be offering free support to nearly 125 local businesses for reducing energy consumption, cutting costs and lowering carbon emissions

Green grants to support businesses in net zero push

A new project aims to assist up to 90 local businesses in baseline emissions assessment, action plan development, and transitioning to net zero over the next 18 months

5 tips to maximize Business Energy Efficiency in 2024

As the year draws to a close, many businesses are thinking about winding down

4 winter habits that drive up business energy bills

Everyone anticipates their business energy bills to go up over winter

How can organisations make the business case for net zero?

Interview with Michelle Hargreaves

Office with lights left on
Ofgem’s new guidance on fair treatment for business customers

The energy regulator has issued guidance to non-domestic energy suppliers to ensure fair treatment for businesses, focusing on deemed rate contracts

University programme cuts SME energy use by 32%

A programme led by The University of Warwick has helped more than 50 SMEs in the West Midlands reduce their energy consumption by 32%

World Bank warns of “dual energy shock” amid Middle East conflict

The World Bank highlights the risk of a dual energy shock as the Middle East conflict compounds existing disruptions, potentially leading to significant oil price increases and global economic impacts