‘EV-ready homes worth more money’

Properties that have EV chargers installed could add have more value in the market, a report reveals

‘New York’s skyscrapers are sinking the city’

Sea levels in the city have risen by 22cm since 1950, linked to both climate change and sinking buildings

Big Apple turns to carbon capture

New rules in New York will see building managers fined for not reducing emissions

HS2 contractor pledges to use net zero concrete by 2050

SCS has set short-term goals for buying 30% lower emission concrete in 2025, with this rising to 50% five years later

Construction company switches to low carbon concrete for all sites

Its concrete uses ground granulated blast-furnace slag and pulverised fly ash, which are both industrial by-products that have a much lower carbon footprint

‘Net zero could see retail slapped with £90bn bill’

It will face the bill due to building upgrades from new net zero standards, a report has claimed

Building an airport with green steel?

A company is refurbishing an airport in Spain with green steel – which will reduce the carbon footprint by 40%

‘Demolition of Glasgow flats will lead to huge carbon emissions’

An architect is calling for refurbishment over demolition

‘Different materials could see cement emissions drop by 40%’

Cement is to blame for 7% of the world’s greenhouse gas emissions

The Carbon Column – Will a four-day work week influence our sustainability approach?

In this article I discuss the value and new challenges of a four-day working week