Guest Blog: Duncan Everett and Michael Prager – Who killed Eric the Energy Manager?

In the same stance as who killed Roger Rabbit before you engage the local constabulary. But behind every good opening line is a serious point. In this case what actually is the role of the modern Energy Manager?

Guest Blog – Mervyn Bowden: Budgeting for energy is in your hands

It’s that time of year for putting your budgets together….. Certainly if your financial year starts in April, in line with the fiscal year, you’re probably now pulling your thoughts together on how much of your organisation’s cash you’d like to/are going to spend next year. Other than the “essential” spending categories within opex, like […]

NHS ‘faces £2.3billion energy cost shortfall’

The NHS faces a “severe” budget shortfall of £2.3billion because of rapidly escalating energy costs, it was claimed today. While the growing costs of care for the elderly have dominated recent headlines, behind the scenes there could well be another struggle with rocketing energy inflation. Hospitals are very energy intensive, with processes like imaging, radiology […]


So the CRC has been ‘streamlined’ by DECC. The major changes are a reduction in the number of fuels covered by the legislation, a move to fixed price allowances, overall simplification of the entry criteria and reducing an overlap with other schemes such as the EUETS. See our related story CRC changes announced for full […]

Renewables sector boosts pay to retain key staff

A shortage of talent in the renewable energy sector is inflating salaries as companies try to prevent defections to competitors, according to a new study by global management consultancy Hay Group. Hay Group carried out a flash survey of 25 human resources staff at 20 major businesses in the renewables sector, and found that in […]