British Airways becomes first airline to use UK-produced SAF at scale

Phillips 66 is producing the fuel in Humber, made from feedstocks and cooking oil

COP26: Low carbon short-haul flights jet off!

That is part of a new pledge by 20 airlines to use electric and hydrogen-powered planes in a bid to lower their emissions

British Airways launches first carbon-neutral flight to Glasgow ahead of COP26

The flight was powered by sustainable aviation fuel made from recycled cooking oil

Sustainable aviation fuel tech gets £15m funding

This funding is part of the Prime Minister’s Ten Point Plan and could see up to a 70% reduction in emissions compared with fossil fuels

‘First’ net zero charter flights take off

The planes travelled from Stuttgart to Atlanta, powered by sustainable fuel

oneworld member airlines commit to net zero emissions by 2050

The group brings together airline companies, including American Airlines, British Airways, Finnair, Iberia, Japan Airlines, Qatar Airways and others

British Airways bids farewell to entire 747 fleet in favour of fuel-efficient aircraft

The airline vows to focus on more sustainable flights, which it hopes will help it achieve net zero carbon emissions by 2050

British Airways ‘to remove 250 million in-flight plastic items during 2020’

The airline is working to replace items such as blanket wrappers, cutlery and headsets with sustainable alternatives

British Airways begins offsetting UK domestic flights

Airline promises all flights within the UK will be carbon neutral from 1 January 2020

Whistleblower claims British Airways guilty of ‘fuel tankering’ practice

Fuel tankering involves adding extra fuel to planes to save on refuelling costs, resulting in increased weight and higher emissions