BMW invests in lithium technology start-up Lilac Solutions

Lilac Solutions has developed an ion exchange technology that is expected to significantly improve efficiency, costs and sustainability by extracting lithium from brine resources, which are natural deposits of salt water

A recycled car? – BMW says yes

The German vehicle manufacturer has set an aim to build a recycled car by 2040

BMW Group to drive down vehicle emissions by 40%

The company has also committed to putting around ten million all-electric vehicles on the road by 2030

BMW to drive down emissions by more than 200m tonnes

To achieve its goal, the automaker has pledged to cut its vehicles’ carbon footprint across production, use and end-of-life recycling

BMW turns to Dubai desert sunshine to produce aluminium

The ‘world’s largest’ solar park will power aluminium production operations

BMW partners with Off Grid Energy to give second life to retired EV batteries

Old BMW and MINI EV battery modules will be used to build new charging infrastructure

BMW signs €2bn battery cell supply contract with Northvolt

Under this contract, the Swedish battery company Northvolt committed to obtain 100% of the energy needed to produce the battery cells exclusively from wind and hydroelectric power

‘Gasoline out of thin air’ project secures investment from BMW

The product will be available at gas stations later this year, at a competitive price with fossil fuels

BMW says hydrogen powertrain technology is a ‘top priority’

The fuel cell system for the BMW i Hydrogen NEXT generates up to 125kW of electric energy from the chemical reaction between hydrogen and oxygen

BMW plant in India launches innovative system to save water

Water scarcity is a big problem in India so at its Chennai site the car manufacturer is implementing new ways to save water