BMW proves hydrogen cars could be the future

Its new iX5 Hydrogen has a 313-mile range and could be the next example of the green gas on our roads

Saudi looks to make 500k EVs by 2030

The Kingdom hopes the EV market will be easier to enter than the petrol one, with a less established hierarchy

BMW Group’s emissions fell by 9% in 2022

It also saw a 108% increase in EV sales from 2021

China to take charge of EV market

China could have a 15% stake in the European EV market by 2025, a report claims

Los Blancos go green!

Real Madrid stars have been given electric cars for a clean tackle on climate change

BMW partners with National Parks UK to plug in EV chargers

The three-year partnership will help make the National Parks more accessible for EVs drivers as well as support nature restoration, biodiversity, sustainability and well-being projects

BMW and H2 Green Steel sign final agreement on low carbon steel delivery

The agreement addresses the automotive giant’s upstream Scope 3 emissions and includes recycling and end-of-life management measures

EV kills one and severely injures nine

BMW insists the vehicle involved in the accident was a test car and not an autonomous vehicle

Hydrogen-powered BMW set for market in 2025

Toyota is working with the German company to build the powertrain

BMW i Ventures invests in green lithium refining technology

Mangrove Lithium aims to make green lithium refining a reality, with the new investment supporting the launch of Mangrove’s first commercial plant