Thermo Fisher Scientific debuts world’s first net zero mass spectrometer

In addition to improved specifications, the carbon footprint of the system – which is the first product to be released as part of the biotechnology firm’s IsoFootprint campaign – will be neutralised

Biotech firm Illumina targets net zero emissions by 2050

It has also made a commitment to invest $20m to support initiatives dedicated to sustainable innovation, environmental education, biodiversity research and sustainable agriculture projects

lululemon and LanzaTech to work out fabric production using recycled carbon emissions

By capturing industrial emissions and reusing the carbon to make yarn, the finished garments not only have a lower carbon footprint but ensure community pollution levels are reduced

Biogen to invest $250m to end fossil fuel use by 2040

The biotechnology company achieved carbon-neutrality in 2014

Biotech firm Gilead Sciences commits to 25% emissions reductions by 2025

The company has set out a plan that includes procuring renewable energy and installing energy efficiency technologies

UK-India to expand clean energy research partnership

The two nations’ joint investment in science and innovation has grown from “almost nothing” in 2008 to around £400m by 2021

UK-Indian firms offered £8m to cut industrial waste

Businesses and researchers in the UK are being offered a share of £8 million to work with partners in India to reduce industrial waste and pollution in the South Asian country. Projects must use biotechnology to help improve the recovery of value from waste in five areas: leather, tanning and/or textiles, municipal solid waste, paper […]

Businesses offered £2m for biotechnology projects

Businesses in the UK can apply for a share of £2 million for biotechnology projects. Innovate UK is providing the cash to support firms in joint projects with organisations from other countries and investigate how biotechnology could support sustainable industrial development. The aim is to help transform the global economy from dependence on fossil raw […]

Theresa May pledges £2bn a year for research and development

Prime Minister Theresa May has pledged £2 billion of additional investment per year for science and technology research and development (R&D) by the end of this Parliament. The funding will be focused on fields such as artificial intelligence, industrial biotechnology and advanced materials manufacturing, all believed to be vital as the UK moves towards a […]