Centrica: Net zero industry is booming

future Net Zero spoke to net zero expert at Centrica, Jean-Yves Cherruault, about the role of leadership in net zero at the Big Zero Show

Juliet Davenport says we need brave leaders but business is gaining momentum

I spoke to Juliet Davenport the founder of Good Energy on the state of net zero at present

“Cyber attackers don’t care if you are trying to save the earth”

At the Big Zero Show, Detective Superintendent, Vanessa Eyles, said net zero efforts are in danger without cybersecurity

Nuclear is crucial for net zero, says EDF Business Solutions Director

EDF Business Solutions Director, Matt Nunn told the Big Zero Show we currently live in a world of continued crises, but we can’t forget about the climate emergency

How do you really have a sustainable impact?

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Wise-up with your water – with the multi award-winning experts at Water Plus

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“Become net zero – We don’t have to wait till 2050”

Drax will lead the renewable revolution to a “zero-carbon future” says Drax’s Paul Miller at the Big Zero Show

Net zero by 2041 – “It’s an achievable goal”

That’s what West Midlands Mayor Andy Street had to say on his region’s net zero target

Nuclear is one of the safest forms of energy generation, says expert

Speaking at the Big Zero Show, Caroline Longman, Director of nuclear consultancy, Equilibrion said going net zero without nuclear risks our planet’s environment and life itself

Net zero requires action, not just talk

At the Big Zero Show, Aston University Professor, Patricia Thornley, rethinks carbon’s reputation, says it will continue to play a role in a net zero future