Diageo launches £450k climate fund for farmers in Africa

The beverage giant is providing funds through three challenges focused on carbon, water and biodiversity impacts

Corona to cut global plastic footprint

The beer company hopes to recover more plastic from the environment than it releases into the atmosphere

UK’s distillery industry lands £10m of new funding to drive decarbonisation

The new wave of funding is expected to help distilleries cut carbon dioxide emissions by nearly a million tonnes every year

Four-in-five small businesses in food and drink sector ‘making sustainability a priority’

E.ON says a third of consumers across the industry now look for strong environmental credentials before they buy

Stora Enso and Tetra Pak team up to explore recycling technology for used beverage cartons

The project is forecast to process 50,000 tonnes of used beverage cartons a year

Borough Wines unveils refreshing zero-waste range

Even the firm’s labels are produced from bagasse, the by-product of the extraction of juice from sugar cane

Plastic six-packs ‘now fully-recyclable in UK’

Beverage packing producer Hi-Cone and recycling firm TerraCycle have teamed up to provide a service allowing consumers to send in the plastic packaging to be turned into new products

Stella Artois, Budweiser and Bud Light brands go plastic-free

Budweiser Brewing Group has invested in £6.3 million of new equipment at its breweries in South Wales and Lancashire to produce greener packaging options