Berlin boosts e-bus network with 90 electric vehicles

It is said to be one of the biggest contracts of its kind in Europe

Vattenfall halves Berlin’s CO2 emissions with new CHP plant

The facility is expected to supply district heating to around 450,000 households in the eastern parts of Berlin

‘London’s CO2 emissions fall by 59% during coronavirus lockdown’

Measurements of European carbon dioxide emission reductions ranged from 8% in Berlin to 75% in the Greek city centre of Heraklion, according to a new research

Rolls-Royce takes majority holding in energy storage firm Qinous

The British multinational engineering firm’s interest has increased to 73.1%

Europe’s ‘largest’ power-to-heat facility opened in Berlin

Vattenfall said the 120MW unit has been connected to the district heating grid at its Reuter West power plant

Energy giant E.ON invests in smart construction start-up

It will use HoloBuilder’s solution to build network projects such as substations and switchgears as well as large city energy projects

Is this new energy storage tech worth its salt?

Vattenfall is exploring how salt could be used to store renewable energy sources like solar and wind power

Vattenfall loses power grid rights in Berlin

The company has had the concession rights through its subsidiary for more than 20 years

Rolls-Royce invests in energy storage start-up company

Qinous provides battery solutions with an integrated microgrid and energy management system suited to both on and off grid applications

Vattenfall hits emissions targets three years early in Berlin

It had signed an agreement to halve carbon emissions from its heating and power plants by 2020