Hungary’s €2.36bn scheme to support net zero transition granted EU approval

The aid will incentivise the production of relevant technologies for the transition towards a net zero economy

British battery company bags £300k to take its product to Europe

Its technology will be used to help generate solar power in Portugal

Ford to use Chinese EV battery tech at US factories

The carmaker will pay to use CATL’s techniques of making lithium-ion phosphate batteries, which it claims will make its EVs cheaper to produce

EV battery innovations get £27m backing

The funding will be shared between 17 selected projects

Norfolk offshore energy storage project given green light

Up to 3m homes will be provided with electricity stored at the site

China opens largest energy storage station

The 200MW facility will store both wind and solar power

Finnish start-up Cactos raises €2.5m for second-life Tesla batteries

It has developed a way to give old Tesla batteries new life by turning them into smart energy storage units

‘Electric cars require 40% less labour’

That’s according to Ford’s boss who says the company is being ‘totally reinvented’

West developing EV batteries to fight China’s dominance

Companies are looking to build batteries using sodium and sulphur instead of lithium, cobalt and nickel

UK’s first large-scale lithium site gets green light

The Middlesbrough facility will put the UK on the map when it comes to processing the metal critical to EVs, phones and wind farms