Which industries are most concerned about their carbon footprint?

A new report reveals 60% of hospitality and leisure industry leaders consider sustainability ‘extremely important’

Climate action and green finance ‘could be next internet boom’ says Barclays boss

Jes Staley, Chief Executive of Barclays, said he believes London can lead the way by becoming a major global hub for sustainable finance

Barclays commits to becoming net zero by 2050

Bank pledges to align all of its financing activities with the goals of the Paris Agreement

Barclays backs University of Worcester’s sustainable efforts

It will provide a £2 million Green Asset Finance fund to help the academic institution cut emissions and improve the green credentials of its campus

Barclays launches Green Trade Loans

Qualifying activities for funding include energy efficiency, renewable energy, green transport and waste management projects

Barclays launches UK’s ‘first’ green home mortgage

People who choose to buy energy efficient new build homes will receive discounted interest rates on two and five-year fixed mortgages

Barclays banks on green finance products

Barclays Corporate Banking has launched a suite of green finance products to help its clients fund more sustainable projects across the world. They include Green Loans targeting clients who need more than £3 million across the UK, International Green Loans and Green Asset Finance allowing clients to access more flexible ways of financing assets that […]

Barclays issues €500m green bond in ‘UK first’

Barclays has issued a €500 million (£441m) green bond claimed to be the first issued by a UK bank to fund domestic assets. The funds raised will be used to finance and refinance residential mortgages on properties in England and Wales, which are in the top 15% of the lowest carbon intensive buildings in these […]

Four major UK banks ‘still investing heavily in fossil fuels’

Four big UK banks are said to be investing “heavily” in fossil fuels than in clean energy projects. Barclays, RBS, HSBC and Lloyds have been given a ‘D’ grade for a lack of climate policies and exposure to fossil fuels by charity Christian Aid. Its new report assessed policies of banks in relation to climate […]

Barclays to commit £1bn more in green bonds

Barclays is going to invest a further £1 billion in green bonds. The commitment comes as the bank reached its November 2015 target of £1 billion. Green bonds are a new financing mechanism aimed at funding projects that have environmental benefits. The bank claims it represents one of the largest green bond investment commitments by […]