Celebs call on banks to stop financing fossil fuels

Emma Thompson, Stephen Fry and Brian Eno are some of the signatories of an open letter

Barclays climate protestors facing jail time

The seven campaigners were found to have caused £100,000 in criminal damage to the bank in Canary Wharf last year

Barclays pilots £2,000 reward offer for energy efficient home improvements

No additional lending is required to benefit from the scheme and all new and existing Barclays UK residential mortgage customers are eligible

UK’s Protium secures £40.5m for green hydrogen development

The investment will enable Protium to accelerate its growing portfolio of more than 250MW of green hydrogen projects, including its 40MW project in Teesside

Extinction Rebellion camp outside Barclays

The protestors claim the bank’s climate targets fall short of UN standards

UK retailers cut £7.1bn of contracts that weren’t sustainable

In the last year, retailers heavily cracked down on cleaning up their supply chains

Barclays launches green mortgages for buy-to-let homes

Customers looking to buy new build homes to rent that are energy efficient will be rewarded with lower interest rates on their mortgage

Which industries are most concerned about their carbon footprint?

A new report reveals 60% of hospitality and leisure industry leaders consider sustainability ‘extremely important’

Climate action and green finance ‘could be next internet boom’ says Barclays boss

Jes Staley, Chief Executive of Barclays, said he believes London can lead the way by becoming a major global hub for sustainable finance