‘Climate change will lead to £340bn losses by 2050’

These will hit banks the heaviest, the Bank of England warns

Bank of England halves CO2 emissions in 2020/21

The bank said this was the largest decrease in its carbon footprint in a single year since it was first calculated in 2015/16

Bank of England launches climate stress test for financial sector

It will explore the two key risks from climate change – the impact of the move towards a net zero economy and risks associated with higher global temperatures

UK financial regulators required to consider climate change issues

The Financial Conduct Authority and Prudential Regulation Committee, which supervise financial services companies, should take into account the government’s legally binding commitment to transition to a net zero economy by 2050

EAC warns Bank of England to avoid ‘moral hazard’ from high-carbon bond purchases

The Environmental Audit Committee says the bank’s corporate bond purchases are currently aligned with a ‘catastrophic’ 3.5°C temperature rise by 2100