‘Confusing blue and green hydrogen is dangerous’

Australia is ignoring the environmental impact of blue hydrogen when compared with its green alternative, claims a new study

Melbourne’s buildings could provide 74% of its energy needs

Fully integrated solar across the Australian city could cover three-quarters of its electricity consumption, a new study has found

Australia in green light to raise awareness for COP26

Buildings across the country have been lit up to commemorate the opening of the summit, spread awareness of its importance and encourage more people to become greener

Australia commits to net zero by 2050 – but won’t cut fossil fuels

The country’s pledge has been welcomed but come under fire for its lack of ambition ahead of COP26

Leaked documents show nations do not want to cut fossil fuels ahead of COP26

Saudi Arabia, Japan and Australia are reportedly some of the countries that have written a report to the UN asking for less emphasis to be put on the end of fossil fuels

Australian mineral industry commits to net zero by 2050

The MCA has confirmed the industry’s pledge to mitigate climate change and emissions

New South Wales aims to slash emissions by 50% by 2030

The target is an increase from its previous goal of 35% under the Net Zero Plan, which also aims to attract more than AUD$37bn in investment and support more than 9,000 jobs

bp: ‘Australia has potential for green hydrogen and ammonia production at scale’

A new study from the energy giant shows that Western Australia has the facilities in place to grow this sector at scale

Fresh $1.53m grant flows for Australia’s ‘first’ zero emission aquatic centre

Technologies that will be installed include a four-pipe heat pump system that can provide simultaneous heating and cooling, a thermal energy storage system, 500kW of solar and a heat recovery system

Australia grants $2m to support heavy industry’s net zero transition efforts

It will assist in the next phase of the Australian Industry Energy Transitions Initiative, which now has 16 participating companies and focuses on supply chains including iron and steel, alumina and aluminium and LNG