Australia approves first coal mine since election

This mine will be built close to Moranbah and is projected to generate 2.5 million tonnes of coal during a five-year period

‘EVs are not ready to replace all cars in Australia,’ says Toyota boss

“What EV do we have right now on sale in Australia that can tow 2.5 tonnes for 600km? We don’t. It doesn’t exist,” the sales boss has said

New emissions standard to boost EVs in Australia

It’s expected to cut the country’s carbon emissions by 10m tonnes by 2035

‘Australian renewables must double for climate goals’

This is despite 2022 being one of the best years for the sector

Aussies could be slapped with $3k fine for parking in EV spots

This is to make sure all EVs can be charged when needed and encourage a larger uptake

Man fined for stealing power for his EV from the council

Electricity from the local council’s power box was used by the thief to get his car back on the road

The Carbon Column – It’s a no from Australia

In this article I discuss the recent win for the Great Barrier Reef as Australia rejects a new coal mine

Methane from cow burps? – Bill Gates says no

The billionaire is backing an Australian start-up looking to stop the greenhouse gas during cow’s digestion

Two-thirds of Australian corporates support crackdown on greenwashing

Despite this, inflation will see many reduce their climate action – analysis reveals

WTO Chief tells Australia to back hydrogen over coal

She said industry is adapting to environmental changes and this could mean the country is forced into making the change