New report slashes renewable infrastructure delivery time

Latest government review looks at accelerating deployment of electricity transmission infrastructure

Backlash mounts against new UK oil and gas plan

The government’s confirmation of issuing hundreds of new oil and gas licences for the North Sea has sparked strong opposition due to climate concerns

Birmingham tops UK’s energy demand for EV charging

A report outlines the need for strategic grid reinforcement in Birmingham due to its large vehicle count

Industry bids farewell to BEIS

What does industry think about the new Department for Energy Security and Net Zero?

REA: ‘EV infrastructure on course for government goals’

It is also still cheaper to charge EVs at 70% of public charging points, the study claims

‘Electricity Generator Levy threat to renewable investment’

The REA says the windfall tax could slow growth towards net zero

REA: ‘UK in relegation zone for energy transition’

A lack of long-term policies has the UK near the bottom in Europe, a report suggests

‘Government failing on net zero action’

That’s the claim of a recent report, which claims the renewables industry could be growing at a much larger rate with more investment

UK readies competition in onshore electricity networks

The competition aims to reduce energy costs and speed up connections

REA: ‘UK economy could gain billions from low carbon transport’

It says all forms of transport must be included from maritime, land and air