Scottish Widows launches £1.4bn climate fund

Renewable energy, clean mobility, transport, forestry, sustainable agriculture and biodiversity businesses are set to benefit

How can pensions enhance biodiversity?

With pension funds controlling close to $60tn of global assets, could they play a key role in turning the tide on nature investments?

Vanguard quits net zero effort

It has said the reason is due to “confusion about the views of individual investment firms”

Gresham House buys 200MW solar projects for £100m

It has purchased farms across the UK from Anesco

More than 40 asset managers circle 2050 net zero target

These companies manage assets worth $16tn

Vanguard pledges $290bn assets to net zero by 2050

Remaining $5tn under its management is not included in the target

Unilever part of joint €300m fund to boost regenerative farming

The three partners have pledged to invest €100m each

SBTi launching net zero standard for finance

It claims its paper will provide the clarity needed to the financial sector to hit net zero by 2050

Companies worth $105tn called on to disclose environmental impact

More than 10,000 companies have been asked to reveal the action they are taking to stop climate change

Credit Suisse to halve fossil fuel financing by 2030

This follows a 41% reduction in investments last year