UK pledges £140m to help developing nations deliver net zero

The funding will support governments across Africa, Asia and Latin America extend access to affordable energy and set clean energy targets

Japan looks to more ‘realistic’ net zero approach

It says its environmental obstacles are distinct from Europe and America – and its approach should represent that

Climate change made Asian heatwave 30 times more likely

It was responsible for increasing temperatures in the region by 2°C last April, scientists said

‘Kazakhstan will miss its 2030 renewable target’

It’s set to fall short of its decade-end aim to have 15% of its electricity made from clean energy, a report claims

Singapore a ‘sustainable destination’ – but how?

How has the Asian nation received its certification and what are its future green plans?

UK and Bangladesh sign Climate Accord

Both countries have agreed to work together in battling climate change

Indian tycoon to spend $70bn on green energy

Could this fast-track the country’s 2070 net zero aim?

Despite drop, lithium still costs eight times more than last year

Due to less demand for EVs in China, the price of its lithium has dipped by 30% – analysis suggests

Coal power plant
Bangladesh backs coal after renewable problems

It is increasing its reliance on coal power due to poor renewable infrastructure

Pakistan grid breakdown leads to power loss in all major cities

“A loss of frequency caused a major breakdown,” the Energy Ministry said