Scania powers its Argentinian operations with 100% renewable energy

The move is forecast to avoid the emission of 14,600 tonnes of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere

National Grid: Britain has one of the world’s most reliable energy networks

Group CEO John Pettigrew has denied claims he was on holiday at the time of the incident and said the ‘UK is not Argentina’ after comparisons with the country, which experienced a massive blackout earlier this year

Giant power cut in South America leaves 48m without electricity

Electricity failures covered the whole of Argentina and Uruguay, as well as parts of Brazil, Chile and Paraguay

Equinor invests $77m in Argentinian solar project

The project is estimated to provide renewable energy to around 80k houses

BP announces joint venture with Argentinian firm

BP has announced a joint venture with a firm in Argentina to form a new energy company. Its agreement with Bridas Corporation will combine their interests in oil and gas producer Pan American Energy (PAE) – the second largest in the country – and refiner Axion Energy. BP said the new company, Pan American Energy […]

Argentina and Romania join nuclear group

Argentina and Romania are to become full members of the Nuclear Energy Agency (NEA). Both nations are active players in the nuclear sector, have well established relationships with the NEA and have significant research capacities. The agency, which is part of the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD), expects the deal to be mutually beneficial in a number […]

Doubts cast on Argentina’s renewable goals

Argentina’s plan to install more than 9GW of renewables by 2025 could prove too ambitious. That’s according to a new report from S&P Global Ratings, which says bringing renewable generation capacity to 20% could prove a struggle due to the country’s weakened credibility following its economic collapse in 2001. The report suggests Argentina may encounter […]

Argentina and IEA ink deal to share energy statistics

The Republic of Argentina and the International Energy Agency (IEA) have agreed to increase their co-operation with a new bilateral programme on energy statistics. They signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) this week following their meeting during the Berlin Energy Transition Dialogue. The MoU covers co-operation on G20-related energy issues, statistics webinars, energy data collection […]

World Bank okays $480m funds for renewables in Argentina

The World Bank has approved a $480 million (£391m) guarantee for a renewable energy programme in Argentina. It will support the Fund for the Development of Renewable Energy (FODER), which facilities financing of projects under the government’s RenovAr Programme. The initiative aims to stimulate power generation from wind, solar, biomass, biogas and small-scale hydropower sources […]

Argentina to stop LNG imports by 2022

Argentina is planning to scrap LNG imports by 2021/22. The country’s decision follows its plans to boost domestic gas production by promoting upstream activities in the nation, including shale gas. LNG imports are currently meeting a third of the country’s gas demand but they are also expensive for the country. Argentine President Mauricia Macri believes the […]