Taking an EV to the South Pole?

A couple are setting off on a 17,000-mile expedition this week, almost entirely powered by renewable electricity

‘Europe and polar regions struck hardest by global warming’

That’s after 2022 was the fifth warmest year on record

‘Arctic rain has increased by 15% in 72 years’

This is due to the impact of global warming on the region

Where is the fastest-warming place on Earth?

A Norwegian archipelago in the Arctic Ocean warming at six-times the average rate…

Arctic warming four times quicker than rest of the world

Scientists claim that previous estimates of warming in the region have been underestimated

US awards $14m for better climate change predictions

The funds will be shared by 22 projects, which will advance fundamental scientific understanding of atmospheric processes, ranging from cloud formation to weather in the Arctic

Siberian tundra ‘could be gone by 2050’

Forestry shifts northwards as temperatures rise, putting the tundra in jeopardy

‘Colder winters caused by Arctic global warming’

A new report claims extremely cold weather in the US is caused by the heating of the Arctic